Pendulum 2007

The iconic warhorse, Pendulum ran 85 times, winning 18 of those races.  With the wonderful help from Dale Simonton and his wife Dorothy Snowden they managed to retire him to their ranch in South Dakota, along with our other two, Quaint and Sallal.  Dale said it took a while for him to chill out and even let him approach but you can see from the photos below taken by Dorothy that he has found peace and happiness.  Thank you!

Pendulum 2007

Career Starts.  Firsts  Seconds  Thirds  Earnings
85                 18          6            6     $248,498

Fall 2017/Winter 2018

Following his new herd

Dr. Stuart Brown and Jen Roytz went to visit in 2019 and Jen absolutely fell in love with Pendulum!  When they got back home he arrived a few days later as a present!

Fast forward to 2021 Jen kindly loaned him to Tammy Platt, whose mare she was bringing on sadly died of colic.  Tammy is so excited to be riding him (despite his quirks) and says she is having so much fun.  You can follow her on Facebook as she puts up loads of photos and videos but here are some to be going on with….


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