Messi (GER) 2010

Messi is ‘one of those’ horses that everyone falls in love with and everybody wanted when he retired.  He was a multiple Graded Stakes winner with a big heart, not just his own but for everyone else.  He found the best possible home with Sue Haldeman in South Carolina.

The marvelous Messi (GER) aka #messithehorse retired at the end of June in 2018, and has happily settled into a much quieter life at Lucky Dog Farm in Campobello SC. Messi is thoroughly enjoying exploring the wonderful trails in our area on a daily basis, and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know the quirky gentle soul that he is.

He still has a bit of a competitive streak in him – on a recent ride he saw a horse ahead of us, and geared up to pass him (at the walk haha!!) Messi hasn’t put a foot wrong since I have had him, although Herringswell Stables forgot to send bubblewrap along which resulted in a visit to the local equine hospital just a week after he arrived.  All well now though and he has become a bit more careful about the perils of outdoor living and the perils of living with other horses. Did I mention how smart he is?

He has now made friends with his new pasture mates (2 mares and a gelding) and is loving his overnight turnout! I look forward to introducing Messi to the Tryon Hounds – he will without a doubt be the fastest (and best looking) foxhunter in our hunting country!

Messi 2010

Career Racing Summary:
Starts   Firsts   Seconds   Thirds   Earnings
30         6            0               5         $485,699.00

Sue has a Facebook page with lots of Messi photos and videos – check it out!  #messithehorse

Messi – at home on the left and hunting with Tryon Hounds on the right.



Braided for opening meet


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