Messi (GER) 2010

Messi is ‘one of those’ horses that everyone falls in love with and everybody wanted when he retired.  He was a multiple Graded Stakes winner with a big heart, not just his own but for everyone else.  He found the best possible home with Sue Haldeman in South Carolina.

The marvelous Messi (GER) aka #messithehorse retired at the end of June in 2018, and has happily settled into a much quieter life at Lucky Dog Farm in Campobello SC. Messi is thoroughly enjoying exploring the wonderful trails in our area on a daily basis, and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know the quirky gentle soul that he is.

He still has a bit of a competitive streak in him – on a recent ride he saw a horse ahead of us, and geared up to pass him (at the walk haha!!) Messi hasn’t put a foot wrong since I have had him, although Herringswell Stables forgot to send bubblewrap along which resulted in a visit to the local equine hospital just a week after he arrived.  All well now though and he has become a bit more careful about the perils of outdoor living and the perils of living with other horses. Did I mention how smart he is?

He has now made friends with his new pasture mates (2 mares and a gelding) and is loving his overnight turnout! I look forward to introducing Messi to the Tryon Hounds – he will without a doubt be the fastest (and best looking) foxhunter in our hunting country!

Messi 2010

Career Racing Summary:
Starts   Firsts   Seconds   Thirds   Earnings
30         6            0               5         $485,699.00

Sue has a Facebook page with lots of Messi photos and videos – check it out!  #messithehorse

Messi – at home on the left and hunting with Tryon Hounds on the right.



Braided for opening meet

Sue took on another of our retirees, 11 year old Chairman Garey, who she’s named Brady.  He and Messi are the best of friends!

September 2021 – looking amazing and with his buddy Chairman Garey

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